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After analyzing the consumer base for the vape industry. With the largest group of users being males 20-35, I researched the overall aesthetic and interest of that group within the industry and developed this brand to have a high level of aesthetic appeal.
Products in this space are largely shown with all information presented on 1 primary outfacing panel, on a back wall, with potentially hundreds of similar competitor products. This creates an issue where products blend together and it makes it difficult to identify appealing options. A unique attribute was built into this design to force the visual shelf presence of the product to a higher level and overcome blending in with competitor products. With the primary logo panel stretched over 3 sides of the box, three boxes side by side could then be positioned to each show one of the primary sides. Requiring the product to be shelved this way, the boxes would complete a large full display of the primary logo and name panel. I was the first designer to bring this aspect into the e-liquid industry.
This product line would go on to SHATTER company sales records for a new product launch by 120%.

Original brand concept mockup
First Promo Images
To initiate pre-release B2B/Distributor sales, I created 3D/CGI images with combined boxes showcasing large logo & name display.
3D/CGI Promo Image
Flat Box & Label Designs
Metallic bases were used to add to the "vaporwave" aesthetic, with portions receiving an opaque white support layer to block out the metallic substrate. The final finish was a soft-touch coating and the Logo/Nicotine Level receiving spot gloss.
I Illustrated the main mascot for the initial release of the first primary flavor. The mascot was used to produce promotional stickers, limited edition t-shirts for giveaways, and a limited edition label release.
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