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Jayvees is a subsidiary of TAAT Global Alternatives with a goal of providing premium quality hemp products for the Delta 8 and Delta 9 enthusiasts. The design is crafted to be direct and straight forward with what the product is and provides while keeping the look clean and simple to avoid cluttering the messaging.
the flagship product from Jayvees is the Delta 8 Premium Jays. The overall aesthetic is meant to be clean and broad in its appeal but convey a very high-end experience. The design primarily features a simple serif font that brings a slightly vintage style. The primary 'Delta 8' logo is based on the type face but has key differences to stand on its own, including incorporating the triangular 'Delta' emblem. This packaging was designed to be produced using a raw uncoated 12pt board with a strong deboss over the color areas mimicking letterpress, as well as a blind deboss of a hemp leaf.
Careful consideration was given to the tipping of the cigarettes. Studies have shown that cigarettes featuring solid color tips can have adverse psychological effects on how the smoking experience is perceived. Wishing to differentiate from the standard cork/white of traditional cigarettes, while preserving the experience, a simple color lined pattern was chosen. This pattern can serve as a quick reference for filtered end as well as flavor, while being unobtrusive.
The primary Delta 8 logo was designed to coexist with the primary serif font while having enough differences to visually stand alone. It was designed to convey quality and trust, with rounded corners to bring a comfortable feel. 
The hemp leaf illustration was designed specifically for the blind emboss of the packaging, and to serve as an vital assets in future marketing endeavors.
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